There’s nothing more important to a girl’s wellbeing like a clean environment, it helps you think better.

“Im looking for tommy Hilfiger t-shirt, have you seen it anywhere?” Lufuno asked. “No, so all this mess ndinga T-shirt fhedzi(because of a T-shirt)?” I asked. “Yes lover, im going out tonight with that guy from last night, he’s taking me to Menlyn for lunch”. This girl is living her life Shem! No resting, just going out every day every night, I wonder where she gets time to study. “Do you want to join?” she asked. “No, tomorrow I have to go to school to register, and you didn’t even show me how do I get there but don’t worry I will use GPS on my phone”. She finally found the T-shirt and went out leaving me to clean her mess. Later I cooked and spoke to my parents via video call, my dad was so excited to see my face but you could see that he missing his baby girl, I then dozed off right after the video call.

I woke up at 08:00 AM and Lufuno was not in her bed, I wonder where she slept. I got up and bathed, made breakfast then headed to UNISA to register. I hated myself for not coming earlier because the line was too long, but I had no choice. Im standing under the hot sun with no umbrella, no cap to protect myself from the sun, I bought Cool Time to keep myself cool. I hear someone tapping my shoulder and when I turned around to see who it was I see Joseph looking like an angel sent from heaven, and that smile, Ohh that smile! “Hey Mulalo, How you doing? Why didn’t you tell me that you coming to register here I would have helped you a long time ago” he said. How can one think of something like that when charmed by a smile that lights up the whole world mara? LOL. He told me to follow him, we got inside the hall and he hooked me up with his friend who helped me register real quick, I skipped a huge line all thanks to joseph, Heavenly sent.

After the process has been done I was officially schooling at UNISA, my journey to being a prosecutor has started and I have Joseph to thank for that. I wanted to thank him for helping me out so I asked him to allow me to buy him ice cream. We walked from UNISA to Sunnypark and got ice cream at Milky Lane then he said since he allowed me to buy him ice cream, I should allow him to walk me to my flat. We spoke the whole way, he told me about where he comes from, and other things, I got to discover how funny he is, how charming and smart he is. He is ticking all the boxes, it’s like the more time I spend with him the deeper I fall in love with him. We got closer to my flat he stopped because he wanted to turn back. “Apfe Mulalo, You’re beautiful, funny and very smart, you’re MY TYPE and it was great hanging out with you and getting to know you better, I’d love to see more of you besides at church” he said. We exchanged numbers then we hugged, I didn’t want to let go and I he felt it because he didn’t want to let go also.  We hugged for a good minute then he leans back and looks at me, with eyes full of love and wonder, then moves towards my lips….. Is he going to kiss me? Ohh my…….


To be continued.

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