En-Route Midrand (My Type EP10)

Every girl has that one guy, that one guy she can’t say no to, that guy she has dated before, got her heart smashed but still can’t get enough of the guy. No matter how hard she tries to forget about him, the moment she hears his name she goes weak.

“A dzhene goloini ri yo amba (Get in the car lets go talk)” he said. “Where are we going?” I asked. “Let’s go to a more comfortable place, please” he answered. I couldn’t say no, believe me I tried but I couldn’t say no, I don’t know how I got in the car but I find myself driving away with Khuliso. We parked at Sunnypark parking lots and spoke about the past and what happened between us. “Mulalo, I miss you, and to be honest im very sorry for what I did to you, I was very young and stupid, I have always wanted to fix things between us but because you were still at home and im here I figured you wouldn’t even talk to me, then I saw that you’re around Pretoria that’s when I texted you, and I was hoping if we could try again” He said sincerely. “Try What?, Try what Khuliso because you know very well what you did to me, I loved you with all I am, I gave you my heart but you broke it because I didn’t want to sleep with you, you hurt my feelings and I hate you for what you did to me” I said. “Babe listen im really sorry, Im here now and I want to make it up to you, please just let me” he answered.

I felt Tears in my eyes but I held them back because I didn’t want to cry in front of him, But it was too late, he noticed that I was about to cry. “Baby don’t cry, please” he said with a soft voice. He held my head and then kissed me. Ohh Bombs went off in my head, I thought of joseph and what I was doing but I didn’t want him to stop kissing me. “Why did you kiss me?” I asked. He said “Because I didn’t want to see you cry”, we giggled and he said “I had missed that smile, I have never stopped loving you babe, regardless of what I did I have always felt that you and I are meant to be together”. The funny thing is I also feel the same way, but I have joseph now and he’s good to me. Khuliso suggested that we go to Midrand at his house, “But I don’t have toiletries, what will I use?” I asked. “I will get you some in the morning, im off tomorrow” he answered

I agreed and En-Route Midrand, when we got there he ordered Sea food for dinner, then we watched movies on Netflix until 12 at night, I went to bed first before he did and slept before he came to the bedroom. When I woke up the next day I smell bacon, Khuliso was making breakfast for me, I decided to stay in bed to see if he will bring it to the bedroom. “Here’s your breakfast my lady” He said, carrying a Food tray with a plate full of bacon, eggs, cheese grillers with toasted bread and orange juice, he still remembers that I love orange juice, he used to buy it for me every day at lunch while we were still in high school.

“Im going to the mall to buy you toiletries, you stay here, enjoy your breakfast and feel at home”. When I was done with my breakfast I jumped off the bed and put on his T-shirt. When he came back he found me cleaning the kitchen still wearing the t-shirt. “So you like the T-shirt? You can keep it”, Of course I took it, and it smelled like him. My phone rings and its Lufuno. “Hey girl, U gai (Where are you)?” she asked. “Im around, what’s up?” I asked. “A vhuye zwino ngau tavhanya (Please come back ASAP), it’s an emergency”

To be continued.

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