I felt like a queen(My Type EP08)

Spending the whole day with the one you love, talking, laughing, and sharing is just awesome, and time moves by faster than you can say “I love you”.

“Lufuno, what’s happening?” I asked again. “Mulalo, im sorry I left you alone that day, coke and i had business to attend” she said. She quickly packed a few clothes in her bag and said “Look I will be gone for a while, just know that i will be safe and I will return with a few gifts for you”. Before I can say anything else she left the building. I spoke to joseph a bit more and then I slept.

Its Sunday morning and the first thing I did was talk to my parents over the phone, even spoke to Ndivhuwo this time, LOL my little brother likes acting tough, he misses me but doesn’t want to admit. After I got a call from joseph telling me to get ready he will come pick me up for church soon. The fact that I don’t have to walk to church makes it even more fun to go, I quickly bathed, and put on my most beautiful church attire, I wanted to impress Joseph, I mean Hellooo!!. Joseph called and told me to come downstairs, when he saw me he looked amazed, I guess it’s the way I was dressed because even the flat security guard complimented me. When I got in the car, all Joseph could say was “You looking beautiful sweetheart”. I blushed and replied “Thank you, you don’t look so bad yourself”.

We got to church and when I got off the car everyone was looking at me, you know that feeling of having all eyes on you? I even started walking different, felt like a queen. Before I got inside I went and greeted the pastor and his wife, the pastor’s wife made a joke about how Joseph and I could make a beautiful couple. You know church these days have a tendency of getting members to marry each other; I was just glad they’re matching me with someone I already liked. The pastor gave a wonderful sermon about love and relationships, Joseph and I kept looking at each other and smiling the whole service. After the service I see him talking to the pastor pointing fingers at me, when he got to me he told me he was asking for the car so he can take me sightseeing, we went to Monument Park, and ended up at Magnolia Park.

When we were still enjoying each other’s company the pastor calls asking for his car back, he dropped me off and this time he didn’t kiss me, is it that we are coming from church?, but a kiss is innocent, i told Joseph to come back, I want to cook for him. I got inside my flat and changed my clothes and started cooking, I cooked up a storm, 7 Colours Mo Ngwaneng! I wanted to impress him. He came back right in time to eat, We ate in my room and chilled until it was dark outside, he told me he wanted to go home, so I took him downstairs and hugged goodbye, he didn’t kiss me AGAIN!!. This guy is way more devoted to God than I am, and my dad is a pastor. I got inside my room and when I was about to sleep I received a message reading “Hey Mulalo, How are you doing, it’s……”

To be continued.

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