Invite the Devil back (My type EP09)

When you decide to make yourself happy after going through the most because of someone’s son then the same person comes back in your life just to mess it up once more.


“Hey Mulalo its Khuliso, I saw you some day at Sunnyside with Lufuno, I was hoping if we could meet up, I miss you and it would be really great to see you”. Let me tell you something about Khuliso, back in high school I only dated one guy and it was him, we started dating when I was in grade 09 and he was in grade 11 until he passed his matric. When he was coming to Pretoria to study at TUT we promised each other that we will stay together no matter what. First six months was good, problems started when he came back to Venda for June holidays, he asked me to sleep with him but I refused because I was not ready. When he came back to Pretoria he started ignoring me, not picking up my calls and not texting me anymore, Jiki Jiki I see pictures of him and another girl on his Facebook account. It broke my heart and I didn’t eat for more than 2 weeks. But I still do have feelings for him; he is my first love and my first ex.

“Hey Khuliso, it’s been a long time hey, if you saw me you could have come greeted me don’t lie to me, but yeah we can set a date and meet up” I replied. I don’t know what I was doing, why am I texting him back? Why do I want to meet up with him? I got this good thing going with joseph but I want to invite the devil back in to my life. I had some questions that needed to be answered, like why did he do what he did, why didn’t he just tell me that he doesn’t want me anymore?, I wanted to give him a piece of my mind.  He replied “How about we meet on Wednesday, I won’t be working that day”. Wednesday It is, I slept after talking to my mom on the phone. It’s Tuesday and Lufuno is still not back from wherever she went with Coke. I got up and bathed, made breakfast, when I was about to eat I receive a call from Joseph asking me how I slept, and at the same time I get a call from Khuliso too, I let the devil get the better of me, I told joseph to hang up I want to take my mom’s call. I lied!!! I lied to my boyfriend so i can talk to a guy I wasn’t supposed to talk to in the first place.

“Hey Mulalo, how are you doing?” he said. “Im good, why did you call me” I asked. “I wanted to hear your voice, it’s been a while and I can hear it is still as charming as I can remember” he replied. You know those guys who know what to say to calm you down? That’s Khuliso for me… “What do you want Khuliso?” I asked. “Nothing, like I said I wanted to hear your voice that’s all” then he dropped the call before I can say anything. I then called joseph back and we made plans to go watch a movie, I paid for tickets and popcorn because he didn’t have any money left. We watched a romantic movie; he held my hand the whole movie. We walked to my flat after the movie, and stood at our regular ‘love corner’ of ours, kissed goodbye and went separate ways, I see a navy blue GTI parked outside my flat entrance. “Mulalo”, when I looked back it was Khuliso. “A dzhene goloini ri tuwe riyo amba(Get in the car, let’s go have a talk)”….

To be continued…

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