Joseph, Please hold me

The past will always follow you, no matter where you are, it’s part of your life, you can’t run away from it, either you face it or it faces you.


“Fire…” screamed the landlord. Ohh God please no, you can’t take me from Venda to Pretoria to die. I quickly jump off the bed and opened my door to a flat full of smoke. “Mulalo ade na madi kitchen hukho u swa (come with water, the kitchen is on fire)” Screamed the landlord. I stood like a statue for a good 30 seconds with my life flashing right before my eyes, “Hela weeh ndori idani na madi rikho lovha (I said come with water, we are dying)” Screamed the landlord. I quickly ran to the bathroom took a bucket filled it with water, I ran to the kitchen , the fire was coming from the stove, it was a pan on fire, the landlord wanted to cook eggs, she poured oil and went to her bedroom and forgot. We managed to the fire under control, but the house was filled with smoke so we went outside to sit so the smoke can clear up. My chest was heavy and couldn’t breathe properly, if I sleep in my room I won’t wake up.

So I decided to call Joseph and asked him if I can come sleep at his place because my place was not user friendly. “Ohh baby im so sorry, okay im coming to take you, please wait for me by your gate” he said. He came took me, we got into his room and I noticed that he was a bit uncomfortable and shy, I was also feeling the same way because this is the first time im sharing a room with a guy. “You can take the bed, I will sleep on the floor” He said. “U sure uri udo vha sharp o adela fhasi (Are you going to be fine sleeping on the floor)?” I asked him. He told me not to worry about him, he will be fine. A few minutes of awkward silence passed by and I was feeling guilty for invading his space and taking over his bed leaving him to sleep on the floor. “Joseph, why asa kho toda u adela na nne kha mbete(Why don’t you want to sleep on the bed)?” I asked him, he replied “I don’t want you to feel like I want to take advantage of you” . I told him to come sleep in the bed with me, “it’s okay, I trust you and I know you won’t do anything to me, please come to bed” I said. He came on top of the bed, LOL it was the first time im sleeping with a guy in one bed, besides my brother, he slept with all  his clothes on just to make me feel safe.

“Joseph, please hold me, just hold me please” I said with a sweet voice. He told me to come lay on his chest, Ohh my gosh his chest is my new fav pillow; he was warm, and very soft. I dozed off on his chest with a smile on my face. I woke up to an empty bed, it was just me alone in the room, I got scared and called Joseph asking him where he went, “Every morning I take a jog before I start my day my love, im coming back, don’t panic” he said. He came back, took me to my flat, at least the smoke has cleared up but the smell was still lingering, I spent the whole day watching movies, thinking about last night and how much of a gentleman Joseph is, he didn’t even try to sleep with me. In the evening he called me to ask how my day was and while im busy talking to him Lufuno busts through the door sweating and breathing heavily… “Lufuno, ehh what’s going on?”. She starts packing clothes into her travel bag. “Lufuno, what’s happening”…..


To be continued.

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