Your Boyfriend has taste (My Type EP11)

“It’s an emergency” she said. I replied “Okay im on my way”. What could the emergency be about? I finished cleaning the house and bathed, I didn’t even want to let go of his T-shirt, immediately after bathing I put it on again. I asked Khuliso to take me home so I can go deal with this ‘emergency’ that Lufuno is talking about. He took me home and when I was about to get off the car he grabbed my hand, and said “Babe please think about what I asked you last night, I really want us to try this again”. I told him I will think about it, because I just started dating joseph who is a nice guy and very committed to God, a perfect husband and Khuliso on the other side is an EX I have unresolved feelings, a car, a house and a proper job, he can manage to take to good places, I remembered what Lufuno said about getting myself a man who can provide me with all I want. I got off the car and entered my flat, when I got to my room I find clothing bags all over the room, with Lufuno trying on Designer clothes, im talking about names I have never seen before. “Lufuno, what is the emergency you are talking about?” I asked. “It’s a fashion emergency honey, but before we go any further tell me who the owner of the T-shirt you’re wearing is?” She replied.
I didn’t want to tell her about Khuliso yet, I didn’t want her to be too excited about this situation im going through because I know she’s going to tell me to choose Khuliso, so I lied and said its Joseph’s. “Your boyfriend has taste hey; I had underestimated him, or oto wina lotto? (Did he win lotto?), I thought he was broke”. I laughed and said “LOL no okay, so whats the fashion emergency youre calling me for?” I asked. “ I told you that im gonna come back with a few gifts for you right?, so all the bags that are in your bed are yours” she replied. My bed had 5 bags full of beautiful dresses and heals and a designer bag on the side. “Are you serious? Are they all mine?” I asked. “of course, perks of staying with me” she replied. I was so excited I didn’t even think of asking where she got the money to buy all this clothes and bags . That’s the problem with girls, you get lots of money but instead of saving it or doing something beneficial they spend it all on clothes and shoes.
Ii spent the whole day trying out all my outfits with lufuno the whole day, it was like a fashion show for 2, it was so fun I even forgot to call joseph, so in the evening I called him just to check up on him, so he doesn’t feel neglected, you know how guys feel when you don’t talk to them sometimes. But I just called him because I had to, in my mind Khuliso has taken over so after the call I then called Khuliso. “So tell me, have you thought about us?” he asked. “Yes I have and I’d like to say something before I give you my answer, Khuliso when we first met in high school I fell in love with you the first time I saw you and when you asked me out it was a dream come true, I loved you so much and gave you my all, I was devoted to you 24/7 365 a for all the 3 years we dated, But you hurt me, you hurt my feelings and broke my heart so bad I was depressed for the most of my matric year, you didn’t care what was happening with me because you were living this new life with a new person here in Pretoria, I managed to pull myself together and got myself back to normal again, and now you’re coming back and I don’t want my life to be a mess again….”

To be continued….

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